You are buying in lots of 12.

These 20mm settings are very easy to use.  To help you on your way I made a short film to show you how to apply the cabochons and secure the tops of the settings.  It was my intention to add music over the film but my sister and I has such a silly time I decided to keep out chat in.  I hope you understand and laugh along lol!

Click here to see short film 

You will see in the additional pictures how these look when a cabochon is inserted into the setting.

I have sold many THOUSANDS of these settings to those who make wedding jewellery.  These settings hold a UK penny or a farthing.  I don't know about the currency size from other countries, sorry. 

Please ensure you cinch the tops together.  If you just slip the coin (or cabochon) into the setting, it will fall out.  It has to be secured shut.

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12 Cinch Mount Settings 20mm Silver Plate

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