• Aquida the Mermaid.  Driftwood Art

Driftwood art meets embroidery, shells and beads!  Please keep Aquida indoors and don't get her wet!  her face is made from air dry clay so I would hate for her to wash away with the tide!

Ok, so for the details, Aquida measures 20" long by 3 1/2" wide and is made from a driftwood base. Onto the wood I have applied her hand sewn mermaid bottom half from fabric and her top half is made from real and shells and polymer clay shaped shells and mosaic pieces.  She has gold leaf applied to the wood.  Her hair is made from the most exquisite hand woven and turned strands.  All in all, she is a unique piece of driftwod mermaid art.  I hope you love her as much as I enjoyed making her.

Unfortunately, the size of my pictures has to comply with stuff in the background which I totally don't understand, so all the detail is getting lost!  But - being a clever art person I decided to add the pictures to another site of mine where there is no limit to picture size.  Click on the link below and a new window will open up and you can see all the stitch-work in much clearer detail!  Clever, huh?! 

Clicking on the pictures will increase the size for more detail.

Mermaid Hugs,

Sue xx

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Aquida the Mermaid. Driftwood Art

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