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I am never more relaxed and at peace than when I am creating my art.  Even when that art is expressing the deepest of emotions, it comes from the essence which is me.  As an artist I believe Intuitive Art is both incredibly complicated but also very easy. If you take a photograph you capture that exact moment in time.  You might capture the sun or a child’s smile, you might capture the position of an arm, or a flower in full bloom. But how do you capture elation or anguish? How do you capture the deepest sorrow or the agony of love? How do you capture the questions of the universe? And it is the unknown and the unphotographable that I feel compelled to focus on.

Because I love discovering new ways of expressing emotions through art, as well as a paint brush I also use my fingers along with torn paper, and I play with colour, shape and texture and I then let this dictate the path of my creativity. I use cabochons and Swarovski Crystals, or pieces of lace or feathers which I have found, and I piece together in my personal way, all ways that that the camera can never capture.

If you have any questions, please do contact me from the Contact Me page.

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